Proficient in the marine industry and highly regarded, we are able to offer assistance with buying and selling your vessel. After listening to your requirements, our experienced team help you buy the right vessel by doing all the research and due diligence on your behalf. Our knowledge and networks enable us to help you secure the best vessel for your needs (including off-market opportunities). Once engaged as your buyer’s advocate we will:

  • Arrange an initial one-hour consultation to confirm your needs and the vessel’s requirements.
  • Call our network of boat brokers to relay this information.
  • Manage the day to day calls from brokers about potential purchases.
  • Refer details of any vessels that meet your requirements to you.
  • Facilitate a video call inspection so you can view the vessel and decide if you would like to inspect in-person.
  • Source a copy of the vessel’s service history and reports, if possible.
  • Attend up to five in-person inspections with you.
  • Coordinate a pre-purchase marine mechanical inspection and surveyor’s report for your preferred vessel.
  • Delivery of the vessel to the slipway and return to home berth.
  • Act as your advocate for up to three months to secure you the purchase.

If you purchase a vessel and we have acted as your buyer’s advocate, you will receive a 15% discount off our platinum annual vessel management services package for your first year.

We also facilitate the sale of your vessel with independent vendor advocacy advice, so you know you are getting the best service and sale price.